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Our Story

As an avid car owner, I’ve always had a little trouble whenever I needed to do a self-inspection of my vehicle.

Especially when it comes to inspecting the underside of the vehicle or doing undercarriage work, I find it difficult to gain access to the underbody space that is required to maintain the vehicle. Not only did it take a lot of my time and energy, but it also made me feel frustrated and insecure.

By chance, I heard about the exciting product of foldable repair lying board. I became very interested in this and decided to give it a try. When I first used this foldable repair lying board, I immediately felt its value.

I was blown away by the portability of the Foldable repair lying board. I can easily fold it up and put it in the trunk of my car for use anytime, anywhere.

And the stability and safety of the foldable repair lying board makes me feel at ease. Its design ensures a solid hold and allows me to safely access the underside of the vehicle for repair work. No more worrying instability or danger of falling off support.

Not only did this foldable repair lying board solve my problems, but it made me feel professional and confident. Now I can easily do undercarriage checks, oil changes, exhaust cleaning, and more without having to find extra help or take the vehicle to a repair shop.

Because of my enthusiasm and practical experience for this product, I was inspired to create I decided to share the foldable repair lying board with other car owners in need, bringing them convenience and safety, and committed to providing car owners with high quality foldable repair lying board, so was born!