01. Basic steps to use foldable repair lying board

Make sure you have the foldable repair lying board fully extended and that its legs are fully locked. This will ensure that the deck is in stable working order.

Park the vehicle on a flat and firm ground, make sure the vehicle is parked, pull up the handbrake, and block the vehicle in a suitable position.

Depending on the service needs and design of the vehicle, determine where to place the deck. Typically, you will need to place the deck between the front and rear wheels of the vehicle to allow access to the bottom of the vehicle.

Place one end of the foldable repair lying board near the bottom of the vehicle, making sure the plane of the laying board is parallel to the ground. You can look for structural support points on the underside of the vehicle to ensure the stability of the deck.

Slowly and carefully drive the vehicle onto the deck, making sure the vehicle's tires are fully seated on the deck. 

Once the vehicle is fully docked and stabilized on the deck, you can access the underside of the vehicle for repair and maintenance work. 

02. Precautions for using foldable repair lying board

Before using the foldable repair lying board, make sure you have read the relevant instructions and safety precautions in detail.

When using a deck, make sure that its supporting structure and connecting parts are solid and reliable to ensure safety.

When accessing the underside of a vehicle for maintenance work, use safety precautions such as wearing safety glasses, gloves, etc., and using the proper tools.

If you are unsure or unfamiliar with using a recliner, it is best to consult a professional auto mechanic or seek help.

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